Government to announce data reform bill in Queen's Speech to deliver 'Brexit dividend'

The government will announce a new data reform bill in the Queen's Speech intended to allow the UK to deviate from EU privacy legislation, Sky News has learnt. Industry representatives told Sky News they believe the UK could benefit from the reforms, but there are concerns that if done improperly they would ultimately cost the economy more than they deliver. It comes as the Conservative Party wants to claim to have delivered a "Brexit dividend" ahead of the next general election, alongside an

Frontline police not taught what evidence they can get from tech companies, training documents reveal

Frontline police in the UK are not being taught what evidence they can collect from technology companies, according to training documents obtained by Sky News. Officers are instructed they need to obtain specialist support or advice to seek evidence in cases involving social media apps and services, but the training has failed to make them aware of how doing so can contribute to an investigation.

Semina Halliwell: Rape victim, 12, took her own life directly after police interview, her mother tells

A 12-year-old rape victim took her own life directly after an interview with a police officer who had previously discouraged her from bringing forward a criminal complaint and subsequently failed to properly investigate it, her mother has told Sky News. Semina Halliwell, who had autism, alleged she was raped by an older boy who attended the same school as her and had groomed her over Snapchat into secretly meeting him.
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